Andante, Andante...

Maria, 24 year-old girl from Saint-Petersburg.
I love:
♥ nature
♥ animals
♥ music
♥ books
♥ cinema
♥ british guys
♥ slash/yaoi.
I don't greet new followers, but it doesn't mean that I'm not glad to see you in my friend-list. If I like your blog I'll add you back for sure. ^_^
More about things I love.
Harry Potter is my quilty pleasure, so please forgive me for posting too mush of HP staff))))
Anything related to Britain is love, british music, british movies, british tv-shows, british boys... ok, almost everything.
Though I am also interested in France, Japan, Sweden, Germany and Spain. And it's not actually the end of the list.
I am not too fond of America, but some music, movies, tv-shows are just too good)))))))
I love traveling and my big dream is to go to London someday... soon))) That's why too much London in my blog, OK.
Since childhood I love classic rock. So yeah, The Beatles, Queen, Scorpions and other good old bands are love. ^_^ Though I like modern rock as well: Panic! at the disco, McFly, Sunrise Avenue, Green Day, Linkin Park, etc.
Pop-music is also ok if it's: Westlife, Five, Spice Girls, AQUA, Ace of Base, Army of Lovers, A*Teens etc.
ABBA is my favourite pop-band of all time. Agnetha has been my idol and my "spirit animal" for more than 15 years.
As you can see I'm quite a music freak ))))))))
My movie and tv-show fandoms (though not all of them, the ones I'm currently or always obsessing over):
Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, Band of Brothers, Primeval, Glee, Pirates of the Caribbean, Skins, The Social Network, X-Men: First Class, Game of Thrones etc.
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